Do You Have a Spare of Php 1,000 or Php 800 this Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are in a Christian country, you would see a lot of busy people doing their Christmas errands. Maybe you are one of them too?

photo credit: flowersngiftshop(dot)com

I wonder if you have a spare of Php 1,000 or Php 800 this Christmas? If you do, that is exactly the amount one (or more) family needs as Noche Buena Package this Christmas through World Vision Philippines or Uplift Cares Philippines respectively.
For every donation of Php 1,000 in World Vision Philippines, two (2) children and their families will be blessed with Noche Buena bags through your generosity. Since they started their Noche Buena Campaign in 2005, they have been helping more than 33,000 Filipino homes every Christmas with a simple Noche Buena gift. (source: WorldVision Ph website).
Whether you are a child sponsor or one-time donor, you may join World Vision’s Noche Buena Campaign 2018. You may visit World Vision PH website for the process on how to donate, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and other details.
For a minimal Php 800, Uplift Cares currently has “A Dozen Blessings for Christmas – Give a Noche Buena Package”. This can give a Noche Buena Package to one of their scholars, encouraging their families to celebrate Christmas together. This, too, does not require any membership or sponsorship before donating. You may visit Uplift Cares website for details.
Add joy to the hearts of our little children and their families this Christmas by becoming the sponsor of their Noche Buena bags. Remember, it is fulfilling to help in any little way we can. 
God bless 🙂


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